Risk Assessment – Policies and Procedures

To meet the ever increasing demands for practical, timely policies and procedures, especially in the utilities industry, organizations need a strategy to assess the risks associated with your policy and procedure process. Many organizations simply don’t know where to start. At Continuum Education we can help you, assess the risks associated with your Policies and Procedures (or lack thereof…). Our consultants will guide your leaders through a comprehensive, step-by-step process to evaluate the risks associated with the development, communication and implementation of your policy and procedures. You and your leadership team will learn how to:

1. Inventory all your current policies and procedures
2. Categorize what you’ve got
3. Prioritize your next steps
4. Evaluate the risk associated with each policy
5. Identify your resources and timing
6. Select a standardized policy and procedure format
7. Pull together a cross functional team
8. Develop an action plan
9. Implement the plan
10. Measure effectiveness

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