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Workplace Violence Prevention

Fort Hood, Arizona, Kentucky, Connecticut… Are you and your company prepared? Do your employees know what violence in the workplace looks like? Would they know who to tell and what to do if they saw it? This one day, intensive workshop will guide you through the steps of dealing with workplace violence. Objectives:

  • Is workplace violence a real issue?
  • What violence looks like in its earliest stages
  • The 3 stages of violence
  • Who the most common perpetrators are
  • Warning signs of violent behavior
  • Workplace violence and OSHA
  • What policies and procedures you should have in place to
  • Prevent acts of violence, and
  • Lessen the severity of those acts that do occur
  • Conducting proper workplace investigations
  • The difference between difficult employees and potentially violent employees
  • Effective termination of difficult employees
  • Tracking incidents
  • Diffusing violence
  • Effective prevention techniques
  • Performance management
  • Training
  • Implementing a violence prevention team