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Time…a Powerful Tool in Management

Are you overwhelmed by daily demands? Do you have a difficult time attempting to successfully juggle work and family obligations? Do you ever realize at the end of the day that you had accomplished less important jobs versus those that are more important? Do you see an endless amount of work piling up and you can’t seem to get all those things done that are required? Surly a few extra hours in the day would solve all of your problems. But is the amount of time we have the problem, or is our dilemma caused by the manner in which we manage our time? There is no mystery about time management. We all get 24 hours per day and 168 hours each week to eat, sleep, work, relax, exercise and have time for what we want to do. Getting the most out of time does not require you to be a magician. It takes planning, self discipline and an internalized change in your behavior. In this fast paced and action centered seminar, you will complete a time management survey to assess how you manage your time. You can reflect on your strengths and build on those areas which require attention regarding your time management skills. Each participant will build a time management plan. You will develop new techniques to use if your time management plans. You will learn a system used to prioritize your time management. Participants will be able to determine how time management impact work center effectiveness. They will learn the key aspect of delegation to support time management and planning. We will delve into stress management techniques to help eliminate those time management hindrances. Each seminar participant will discover those things which waste our time. You will learn to effectively focus on goals and priorities. You will learn those little management techniques which will buy you extra time each day. Participants will learn to prepare for successful meetings and discover those tolls which make the meetings time effective. All areas are reinforced through capstone role play, case studies and other group activates. The over all goals is to gain more productive work time and time for your personal life.