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The Art of Reaching Agreement – Even when it seems impossible

Have you ever found yourself faced with you seeing the situation one way and a fellow employee sees it another? And you’re both convinced that you’re right and the other person is dead wrong. Pretty common right? Reaching a decision with someone you disagree with can be an unobtainable goal. Yet, being able to handle such situations and move beyond them is essential. This webinar, will help you see through the reasons you disagree so strongly in the first place and work beyond them. Participants in this session will learn why you often don’t understand what is being said and why they’re saying it and how a rocky working relationship can cloud your perspective. Objectives:

  • Learn the importance of building and developing strong work relationships
  • Understand how to make others feel heard
  • Describe how to find ‘common ground’ in disagreements
  • Discover when to agree and disagree
  • Distinguish the steps for moving beyond disagreements to agreement