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Leading Change from the Driver’s Seat

Change is inevitable. Yet regardless of your station in life, any change can be a challenge to cope with. This session won’t redefine change, for everyone must deal with it; however, it will give you practical strategies for dealing with an ever-changing and demanding marketplace. The topic will be approached from both the leader and participant role as each demands specific skills and approach. Participants will identify their natural response to change and learn practical strategies for successfully managing and utilizing change to the benefit for the organization. Topics to be covered include:

  • Identify the common misconceptions of business change
  • Identify and understand the steps of the change process and creative approaches to manage each phase
  • How to develop a common language when dealing with the conflict of change
  • Uncover the secrets of effective change agents
  • Discover why employees resist change and creative strategies that encourage buy-in
  • Define the building blocks of a culture that must embrace change as a new way of life