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Harassment and Diversity in the Workplace

The first half of this seminar focuses on the issue of workplace harassment. The session is intended to provide participants with a general knowledge of the importance of understanding and eliminating harassment by learning what it is, how it can occur, and how an organization must train its employees to avoid potential problems. Participants will gain insight into the many types of harassment that are present: age, race, sex, ethnicity and gender. The second half of the class will engage the issue of how valuing diversity can improve an organization's internal and external performance. Participants will gain insight into the importance of understanding, accepting, and capitalizing on differences between employees. The class will seek to provide participants with the skills to recognize and respect issues of diversity, the differences in people, and the need to have respectful attitudes toward others. This is an important training session for any organization wishing to develop and maintain a workplace free of prejudice and harassment.