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Fraud Prevention and Detection

This one-day class is designed principally for Accountants of all levels as well as those in Management. The focus of the class will concern a review of common types of fraud, their increased occurrence, an understanding of the prevalence of fraud, and how organizations are responding to this problem. The class will include a discussion of fraud deterrence methods, including techniques to strengthen internal controls to prevent fraud as well as steps and processes used in detecting fraud. Participants will be exposed to the use of various internal control items such as COSO as well as how to investigate internal fraud, and the use of various interviewing techniques. Participants in this program will gain useful insight into:

  • The high cost of fraud
  • Various methodologies for detecting and preventing fraud
  • How to distinguish between perpetrators and the victims
  • Understanding the characteristics and demographics of those who commit fraud
  • Preventing fraud and understanding how to develop a successful fraud prevention program