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Etiquette and Skills for Communicating Electronically (Using E-mail, Facebook and Other Tools Effectively)

E-mail and other electronic communication tools have evolved from merely novel ways to communicate with friends and family to universally accepted business tools. More and more customers – both internal and external – are demanding service electronically. However, the way many companies and their employees use these tools – particularly e-mail - has not kept up with this evolution. The instant communication that all electronic media provides along with the sheer numbers of messages and amount of information received electronically means that rules that governed electronic media even two to three years ago are not acceptable now. When the image and the productivity of the utility are at stake, all employees must be constantly aware of how they use this technology to communicate.

  • Use e-mail driven service to enhance the entire service experience
  • Make service emails more personable & less scripted – establishing rapport
  • Understand the most common pitfalls of email customer service & what to avoid
  • Understand the importance of choosing words wisely and using correct writing skills since anything sent out can end up posted on blogs and reviews
  • Use electronic media to go beyond just answering questions to marketing the utility and placing it in the best and most professional, empathetic and efficient light
  • Be better organized and systematic in filing, replying, forwarding or deleting e-mails
  • Know when it’s time for a telephone or face-to-face meeting versus an e-mail