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CS II Series 3 – Responding to High Bill Complaints

High Bills are the number one concern or complaint of all utility customers. As a result, when consumers come calling with these concerns, it is the biggest opportunity that the utility has to serve, to assist and to educate these customers. It is also one of the biggest challenges. Because they deal with so many of these types of complaints, utility reps can become almost robotic in their responses and serve with a lackadaisical or jaded approach. For all the information available to the general public, most people are still highly biased against the utility, feeling that it is the utility’s “fault” that their bill is so high and not taking any responsibility for their usage. This can lead to a certain amount of defensiveness on the past of the utility’s employees as well. Objectives:

  • To help representatives look at these types of complaints in a different light by understanding the “human dimension” to the complaint
  • To explore the reactions that customers have, the level of customer knowledge and the results that customers want