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Communicating Unpopular Decisions

Nobody likes to be the bad guy. It’s human nature to want to make those around you happy, including your employees. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to make decisions that aren’t popular. If you’re one of the people that hate making decisions that are not well-liked, if you hesitate to deliver bad news, if you’re unsure how to communicate unpopular changes, then you need to attend Communicating Unpopular Decisions. Participants will learn strategies to communicate changes and decisions with openness and honesty, and most importantly, how to get “buy-in,” for the results needed! Topics to be covered include:

  • Dealing with negative employee responses
  • Ways to communicate your decisions honestly and openly
  • Managing conflicting emotions about your decisions
  • Maintaining your credibility
  • How to learn from past mistakes
  • How to use tough situations to improve overall employee-manager relationships
  • Strategies for facing hostile reactions with confidence