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Building and Maintaining a Positive Workforce

Maintaining a competent, productive, and efficient workforce is something all managers and supervisors work to achieve. Retaining valuable staff is critical to an organization's effectiveness and customer service. Money is not the sole solution to solving the riddle of keeping quality staff; rather, friendliness and professionalism rank as clear incentives to retaining employees building employee loyalty. Often it is the simple and less costly incentives that influence whether an employee stays with an organization. This class is centered around the simple premise that you must create a "positive internal" environment if you wish to build your business, offer quality customer service, and retain competent employees. The course will offer insights into how you can evaluate your current methods of dealing with employees, ‘tips' for improving employee management, and helpful methods for making your workplace the ‘best' it can be. Some of the items this course will deal with are:

  • How to maintain positive employee relations
  • How managers and supervisors influence their employee's attitudes, work, and productivity
  • Conducting new employee orientation
  • Useful tips for helping your employees succeed
  • Developing a professional workplace
  • Motivating employees to grow with your company
  • How to help employees be successful
  • Communicating why your company is unique