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Being an Effective Communicator: Serving Internal and External Customers

The success of a business is based to a large extent on the people skills of its employees. The purpose of this one-day seminar is to improve the company's business relationships through the skills of interpersonal communication with internal and external customers. Participants will gain a perspective of service excellence from the customers' point of view when conducting business transactions both in person and via telephone. Using class discussion and interactive exercises, they develop skills for dealing with internal and external customers in a variety of recurring scenarios including technical support, answering questions, and giving information. The skills learned in this program serve to enhance the performance of the all employees who interact with fellow employees and customers resulting in reduced stress, more efficient utilization of transaction time, and improved customer satisfaction. The course will cover area such as: knowing what customers expect, assessing the ‘personality types' of customers, how to control problem situations, creating a ‘positive image' for customers, effective phone and e-mail communications. Learning outcomes in this program include:

  • The blueprint of effective communication
  • What your customers expect
  • Creating positive customer experiences by using the appropriate communication style
  • Handling all customer transactions professionally and efficiently
  • The five basic strategies for handling stressful customer situations