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Achieving Success Through Working Toward a Common Goal

The success of any organization rests on individual employees and their commitment to working together as a team to make the organization the best it can be. How well employees work together has a great deal to do with their individual success, the success of their fellow employees, the co-op, and their owner consumers. This seminar is intended to assist participants in improving the communication skills between "internal and external" employees as a means of enhancing their work with others and their customers. The course will assist participants in better understanding how to improve communications with fellow employees, the key elements in the Communication Cycle, improved understanding of internal and external job ‘interconnectivity', and managing problem ‘communication' situations when they occur. This is an ideal course for all-employee training. The course will benefit participants by:

  • Fine Tuning "Inside and Outside" communications
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through improved employee communication
  • Learning to better manage stressful situations
  • Understanding what customers expect from their co-op and how working and communicating together helps meet those expectations
  • Learning how the Communication Cycle serves as the key to improved internal/external communications
  • Working together to earn customer loyalty
  • Leading the 21st Century Workforce