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Category Staff Retreats

  • Strategic Planning
  • The purpose of this seminar is to provide a methodical, yet practical “bottom-up” approach to strategic planning. This new approach integrates several new and innovative steps to the traditional strategic planning process, including (1) obtaining input from all employees of the organization through focus groups, surveys and individual interviews, (2) developing a comprehensive action plan based on the organization’s strategic goals, (3) developing a “balanced scorecard”, (4) providing a method to link performance to compensation.

  • Succession Planning: The Key to Building Tomorrow’s Workforce
  • Understanding the depth of your talent pool is critical in today’s business environment. Organizations are “raising the bar” with regards to knowing who their current and future leaders are, and the capabilities they possess. A strategic approach is needed to examine future leadership requirements, assess current capabilities, and determine the steps necessary to close identified gaps. Through a practical hands-on approach, learn about critical decision points and conditions for implementing an effective succession management program. Topics to be covered include:

    • Discover the real definition of succession planning
    • Identify guidelines for assessing your organization’s bench strength
    • Sequence the steps for conducting a systematic evaluation
    • Understand the relationship between talent and performance management