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Category Professional Development

  • Learn the Keys to Getting Organized
  • Do you feel like you’re buried at work with e-mails to answer, seemingly impossible deadlines approaching, and ever expanding projects on the to-do list? If this looks like your ‘world’ then you need to ‘Learn the Keys to Getting Organized’. In this webinar you will learn stress-busting practical techniques, and strategies for getting organized and taking control. You’ll learn about how to break the urge to keep everything, methods for turning your piles of paper into files to make that desk look neat, alternatives to the “sticky note method” of remembering, making the most out of your workspace, and organize e-mails.

  • Office E-Mail Do’s and Don’ts
  • No one can argue that email is the most popular tool for communicating in the workplace. Like it or not, email is both a time saver and an efficient way to get out a message. As is so often the case with a good thing, email can also have it’s downside. With the ability to be quick and convenient it’s also easy to make mistakes or use a word that sets the wrong tone. The communication techniques you’ll learn in this training session will ensure every email you write says exactly what you intend for it to say. This training is designed to help you better understand how to get your point across, check for phrasing that might change what you’re saying, and most importantly – come across as a professional.


    • Learn the importance of a clear, concise, and specific subject line
    • Understand the most common email mistakes — and how NOT to make them!
    • Know when to send an email — and when it’s time to pick up the phone or schedule a face-to-face meeting
    • How to eliminate wordiness that obscures your message
    • Learn how to gauge the ‘tone’ of your message
    • Understand what to do before you hit send!