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Category Human Resources

  • Developing a More Sensitive and Tolerant Workplace
  • All to often an incident arises due to a joke or offhand remark that’s perhaps a little off-color or in bad taste. Before you know it, the company’s under threat of a lawsuit for a hostile work environment and someone is leaving or being disciplined. In today’s workplace, respect is essential and it’s easy to cross the line into offensive behavior without meaning to. Learning to build tolerance and sensitivity as two hallmarks of your organization will reap benefits across the board, form improved communication and cooperation to increased productivity and efficiency. This webinar will give you the skills you need to foster and encourage diversity and tolerance, while eliminating insensitive or offensive behaviors.

  • Effective use of Mobile Devices in the Workplace
  • This presentation outlines the history of mobile devices and how we become so reliant on such devices. It gives an overview of selecting mobile devices for business and how to effectively manage them including the significant security risks involved. Ultimately, this presentation gives a step-by-step guide to implementing mobile devices in the work place for the non-technical audience.

  • Employee Privacy in the Workplace
  • This webinar will provide an overview of the rules governing employee privacy. The course will provide useful information regarding drug and alcohol policies, use of e-mail policies, workspace searches and privacy concerns while investigating complaints.

  • Employer Document Retention – What to Keep and What to Get Rid of?
  • This webinar will provide helpful and legal tips on document retention for employers. The webinar will focus on the legal requirements for document retention under federal labor and employment laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act and Title VII. In addition to the legal requirements, the discussion will touch on practical tips and solutions for document retention to enable your office to run efficiently and smoothly while reducing your exposure to litigation.

  • Job Descriptions: Making Them Realistic and Accurate
  • Did you know that a job description that is written correctly can be one of the most powerful managerial tool you have? However, if written incorrectly, you could be faced with legal consequences.

    Often underestimated as a managerial”chore”, the job description is actually one of the most important documents you write for your employees. They serve as the basis for what you expect of your employees, their accountabilities, responsibilities, and how their performance will be measured. Accurate and clear job descriptions are the blue print for success. Not knowing how to develop effective job descriptions can impede key hiring, training, and employee performance opportunities. This webinar will provide techniques for writing job descriptions including how to clarify key job responsibilities, focus on core competencies and communicate performance measurements.

  • Leadership Series 4 – Performance Feedback: Developing the Workforce You Need
  • In today’s busy workplace, performance appraisals are often viewed as the annual mandatory paperwork pile from Human Resources. As a leader with so little free time, are you sometimes tempted to just produce more paper and complete forms as quickly as possible so you can get back to the important parts of your job?

    In this interactive webinar, participants will learn a feedback approach that can really make your day to day easier while at the same time helps your employees improve and aligns them with your needs and your organization’s goals.

  • Legal Issues Involving Social Media and the Workplace
  • During this webinar you will discover how employee rants can undermine your marketing campaigns, create workplace harassment issues, and broadcast your secrets to the world. Unfortunately, even in “employment at will” states, there may be limitations on employer action, and the law has been slow to catch up with technological advances. What do you do? How far can you go?


  • Understand the legal obligations of employers in dealing with Social Media
  • Discover the key to effective Social Media policies
  • Discuss the National Labor Relations Act and limitations on employer actions
  • Learn how to protect confidential information from disclosure in Social Media
  • Gain knowledge about harassment claims and Social Media
  • New Hire Onboarding: Practical Advice to Boost Performance & Retention
  • You work so hard to make a favorable impression on job candidates. But what happens when they show up for work? How are you handling the employee’s first hour, first day, first week and first months on the job?

    The truth is, a “sink or swim” onboarding process doesn’t work. Research shows that employees who are part of a structured onboarding program are 69% more likely to remain with the company after three years than those who do not.

    Yet most employers devote less time planning their onboarding procedures than they do their holiday party … a mistake that costs greatly in your bottom line and reputation.

    This engaging new webinar will teach you a step-by-step practical onboarding plan for new employees’ first six months. The result: Accelerate performance, improve engagement and boost retention.

    Specifically, you’ll learn:

    • The 6 critical steps of onboarding and how to implement them
    • Key onboarding actions for the first day, first week, first 90 days and first year
    • How to shift your onboarding focus for employees of different generations
    • The 10 most common mistakes of orientation programs, and how to avoid them
    • Best orientation practices from the best companies (IBM, Pepsico, etc.)
    • Onboarding steps to take before Day One
  • Preventing FMLA Abuse
  • While the Family Medical Leave Act helps millions of American workers cope with suffering from serious health conditions or caring for ill family members, there exist the problems of misuse and abuse. Whether you are a supervisor, manage, or HR administrator, you need to understand the law and what should and should not be allowed. This webinar takes a look at the problems associated with workers who seek to take advantage of the law and what the law truly says. This session is designed to provide you with the knowledge that can be used to rein in FMLA abuse and make sure that those who truly need FMLA are the ones benefiting from it.

  • Setting Effective Performance Goals
  • Employees are dramatically more productive when they work towards specific, clearly defined goals in their jobs.

    But how good are you and your managers at setting those goals … and following up?

    Goal setting is the glue that binds subordinates to their managers. This webinar will give you the strategies—and the precise language—to establish compelling, actionable performance goals for any employee.

    In this fun and motivating webinar, you’ll become much more effective leaders and career developers. You and your management team will learn:

    • Six ways to help team members feel more engaged in their work and self-motivated around the office
    • How to retain high performers by developing a realistic and customized set of goals for each employee
    • How to develop an “achievement mentality” that encourages employees to reinvent themselves in light of your company’s changing needs
    • How to tie organizational goals to individual performance
    • The appropriate follow-up intervals and measurable benchmarks to track progress throughout the year

    You and your organization can’t be truly successful unless your employees are. This special webinar will teach you and your team how to set up your subordinates for success and, in the process, you will learn to think, speak, and act like great leaders.

    After all, the greatest gift the workplace offers lies in growing and developing those who are following in your footsteps, and goal setting is the roadmap to get you there.

  • Survival of the Fittest: Working in a Hostile Environment
  • If you don’t like the demands of your job, the hostile environment in which you work, or maybe you don’t like the job itself, you are not alone. Missed deadlines, office politics, administrative red tape, and reduced budgets become the constant land mines waiting to detonate each day. As a result, you can often find yourself in the midst of what seems like a battlefield. Learn how to equip yourself for the battle, and learn how to balance your expectations about what your job provides for you with your attitude about what you provide to your job.

  • The Art of Reaching Agreement-Even When it Seems Impossible
  • Have you ever found yourself faced with you seeing the situation one way and a fellow employee sees it another? And you’re both convinced that you’re right and the other person is dead wrong. Pretty common right? Reaching a decision with someone you disagree with can be an unobtainable goal. Yet, being able to handle such situations and move beyond them is essential. This webinar, will help you see through the reasons you disagree so strongly in the first place and work beyond them. Participants in this session will learn why you often don’t understand what is being said and why they’re saying it and how a rocky working relationship can cloud your perspective.


    • Learn the importance of building and developing strong work relationships
    • Understand how to make others feel heard
    • Describe how to find ‘common ground’ in disagreements
    • Discover when to agree and disagree
    • Distinguish the steps for moving beyond disagreements to agreement
  • Trust and Betrayal
  • In today’s workplace, trust is more important an ever. Business is conducted via relationships, and trust is the foundation to effective relationships. Betrayal, or the loss of trust, is the focus of countless workplace scandals, all of which ultimately resulted from a lapse in trust. Yet, trust means different things to different people. Unmet expectations, disappointments, and betrayals are not restricted to only big events like restructurings and downsizings. Trust is broken in subtle ways every day in every workplace.
    This workshop covers:

    • What trust means
    • The Trust of Character
    • The Trust of Disclosure
    • The Trust of Capability
    • How we trust
    • How trust is broken: Betrayal
    • How trust is rebuilt: Seven Steps for Healing
  • Workforce Planning: Is this something I should be doing?
  • What will your business look like in 2016? The question may sound too futuristic but in reality, the business landscape will look vastly different in just three short years. The convergence of retirement and the skill sets that can replace those leaving the workforce will create a real challenge for businesses of all sizes. This session will explore how to create a talent plan that underpins your business strategy and ensures the appropriate skills and experience exists across your department or broader organization so the business can sustain well into the future. From talent assessment to applicant selection strategies, participants will learn how to create a team with the right skills for your company’s future success.