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Category Energy Management

  • HVAC
  • To provide residential marketing representative (and other participants) with a basic understanding and knowledge of HVAC operations, thus increasing the ability of participants to communicate with HVAC contractors, builders, and home owners effectively in regards to heat pump operations while conducting an in-home energy audit.

    1. Efficiency Definitions and Terms
    2. Basic Principles
    3. Heat Pump Refrigerant Cycle
    4. Operating Modes and Sequence of Operation
    5. Human Comfort Factors
    6. Factors Affecting System Performance
    7. Air Distribution System
    8. Customer Communication and Reporting


    • Provide the participants with a working knowledge and understanding of Basic HVAC operations
    • Explain the Laws of Thermodynamics, terms, and heat transfer principles that apply to heat pump system operation
    • Assess the refrigerant component structure and component structure for air- to-air heat pumps
    • Describe the normal electrical operating modes for air-to-air heat pumps
    • Learn sequence operation of various modes
    • Describe air distribution systems for a heat pump installation